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The process of web development requires the hard work of configuration experts, programmers and designers alike. To some people, the term development means that the code will be written from scratch but we prefer to define development as the entire process that is required to produce high quality Internet solutions. Web designing, graphic designing, web content development, coding, interactive solutions and hosting are just some of the processes involved in this kind of work.  Thus, web development ranges from the simplest form of using text to the more complex form of using coding, markup and applications in order to enhance the quality of a website, link or URL. Images, slide-shows, videos, pop-ups, ads and the like are some examples of media that are usually used in this kind of development.

At Calgary Web Site Design, we use powerful back-ends like WordPress, Drupal and Dolphin 7.  In most cases, we can achieve complete Internet solutions for our Clients by deploying and configuring modules and plug-ins that have already been developed by third party developers.  As you can imagine, there is a big difference between writing a slide show gallery solution from scratch and deploying / modifying an existing plug-in to work seamlessly with a specific Clients website. It is by using this approach, that we are able to produce what we feel are some of the best solutions available on the internet at the lowest prices possible.

Web development involves different principles that must be followed in order to produce high quality websites. The principles we follow are as follows: 1.) Project definition and Architecture. 2.) Back end functionality, Interactivity and deployment. 3.) Custom coding.  5.)User Interface and company branding. 6.) Quality Assurance, testing and debugging.

1.) Project definition and Architecture – First,  We will work with you to define the scope of your project.  As we work together to define the features of your site, we will not only recommend an appropriate architecture suite but we will separate the necessary functionality that your project requires into two distinct categories. Those that are available through third party modules / plug-ins and those that must be custom coded in house. It is at this time that we will be able to give you an idea of what you solution will cost.

2.) Back end functionality, Interactivity and deployment – Next we will deploy all modules / plug-ins that we plan to use on the project into a development site. We do this first to determine whether or not there will be any complications / custom coding that will be necessary for the desired solution.  Often we reveal constraints that we will need to take into consideration when designing the visual presentation of your site.

3.) Custom coding. – When It does comes time to roll up our sleeves and write some code, we have access to some of the best coders in the business. This is rarely necessary on a large scale but there are situations that need to be approached in this manner. A good example of this could be the automatic loading of your brick and mortar stores product database into your online ecommerce store database. This would require custom SQL / PHP development.  All custom coding solutions undergo extensive debugging, testing and optimization. Optimized code, involves further enhancements of the code used in order to create the website. Such methods involve the use of strings, variables and objects that can enhance the loading time and promote memory efficiency on the part of the server hosting the website.

5.)User Interface and company branding – Finally after determining all functionality, module constraints, custom coding and other architecture considerations we are ready to make your site design. We produce high quality graphics and website designs that adhere to the latest design standards. Please review our portfolio for examples.

6.) Quality Assurance, testing and debugging. – All solutions are thoroughly tested cross browser and in a variety of different environments to deliver complete, reliable, robust and scalable solutions.

Calgary website design is an authority in the world of web development. It houses seasoned programmers, designers, artists and system configuration specialists in its arsenal, individuals that can be considered as the best in their respective fields. The good thing here is that the web development services being offered by Calgary website design are not only more affordable, but far richer in features and functionality than the ones being offered by many of our competitors. Such savings can still yield tremendous results of the highest quality using the unique approach of Calgary website design. Please contact us at anytime to discuss your internet project and receive a 100% free, no-obligation Quote.

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